...from a simple trading bot subscription.

"A trading bot, short for trading robot, is a computer program that automates the process of executing buy or sell orders in the financial markets." - ChatGPT

ORB Trades is a trading bot subscription designed to capture daily return on capital by exploiting the intraday volatility of the index futures. See the prospectus to learn more


Trading bot's performance is based on live trading time-weighted returns.

Monthly Performance

ORB Trades vs index benchmarks

Monthly Statistics

Sortino ratio: 0.13

Calmar ratio: 1.81

Positive months: 78%

Negative months: 22%

Beta: -1.91

Information ratio: 0.07

Profit factor: 1.19

Risk of ruin: 0.60%

Alpha: 2.68%

Monthly return: 4.86%

Max drawdown: -32.21%

NDX correlation: -0.54


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Connect your broker to the trading platform.

Pay Subscription

Subscription fee based on trading volume.

Track Performance

Track results in real time in the trading app.


Can this trading bot trade other markets besides futures?

The trading bot is designed to trade the index futures due to their unique volatility profile.

What is the expected monthly return after subscription fees?

Subscribers can expect an average monthly net return of 3%.

How does the trading bot manage risk?

The trading bot uses both price and time based stops to manage risk. 

Which broker should I use?

We recommend subscribers use AMP Global Clearing for their low commissions and margin requirements.

What is the minimum starting capital required to use the trading bot?

The minimum account size to use the trading bot is $25,000

How much is the subscription fee?

Monthly plan: $50 per contract

Annual plan: $35 per contract - $420/year (save 30% with annual plan)

How many contracts should I start with?

We recommend 1 contract for every $25000 of trading capital based on standard broker day margins ($2500 per FDAX).

If your broker offers different margin requirements, we can recommend the appropriate contract size for your account.

Can I change the contract size?

Subscriber can send a request to update their trading size to


Risk disclaimer: Futures trading carries inherent risks. Investors should carefully consider their risk tolerance, financial situation, and goals before implementing any trading strategy. It is advisable to consult with a qualified financial advisor or seek professional guidance before engaging in any trading activities, including using the ORB Trades trading bot. Review the risk disclosure statement by the National Futures Association for more details.

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